The Fostering Team

Foster Carer Retires

After nearly 20 years of devoting their time and energy in caring for children and young people, Sue and Alan Riley have decided to retire from their role as foster carers. Sue and Alan were the first foster carers for the agency. They have been positive advocates for all


Thanks to all the staff, foster carers and their children and young people for attending our recent Christmas party yesterday. It was a wonderful event celebrated by all. The children and young people loved meeting Santa and he loved meeting them and sharing gifts. Merry Christmas to all foster


GRAND OPENING OF FOSTER CARE AGENCY IN STOCKPORT Stockport Mayor Cllr David Wilson and Deputy Mayor CouncillorLinda Holt were delighted to be invited to officially open the offices for aleading North West based foster care agency. The Fostering Team is an independent fostering organisation withits head office in Stockport,

Our Fostering Application Process

FF Blog: Our Fostering Application Process At The Fostering Team, we aim to make our enquiry and fostering application process to become a Foster Carer with us as streamlined as possible, to give you peace of mind and ensure that you are kept informed and at the centre every

How do I transfer to The Fostering Team?

FF Blog 14: How Do I Transfer to The Fostering Team? There are many reasons why you may be thinking about transferring to a new foster agency. You may be moving house, or be unhappy with your current agency, or perhaps you are looking for a new challenge. Or

Top 10 Reasons To Foster

  In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world since early in 2020, statistics suggest that more and more foster children and young people than ever need a safe and secure home. There are many reasons in the decision-making process that contribute to why you

How Fostering Changes Lives

FF Blog 8: How Fostering Changes Lives People who make the decision to become a Foster Carer, do so because they want to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Foster children vary in age, from babies to teenagers, and every child’s story is different and unique.  At