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In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world since early in 2020, statistics suggest that more and more foster children and young people than ever need a safe and secure home.

There are many reasons in the decision-making process that contribute to why you should consider becoming a Foster Carer, but choosing the right agency is every bit as important as making that initial decision to foster any child.

Here at The Fostering Team there are many reasons why fostering with us could be the best organisation for you to join as a Foster Carer, that’s why we’ve pulled together our top 10 list of why it makes sense to choose to foster with us and havw a change of career in 2022.

  1. Professionalism, Care and Expertise

The Fostering Team recognises that it is important to nurture a warm but professional relationship with Foster Carers and create an environment in which high support and high challenge can be tolerated. We achieve this by providing structured processes for social work and Foster Carer supervision. We take pride in best practice and investment in the training and professional development of Foster Carers and staff.

  1. Training that is Second to None

The Fostering Team understand that fostering is fun and incredibly rewarding; we recognise that it is also complex and demanding. As a Foster Carer with The Fostering Team, you will be part of a comprehensive training and development programme that enables you to receive specialist therapeutic training in a range of different subjects to make sure that both you, your family and foster children in your care all reach your full potential.


  1. Out of Hours Support Every Day of the Year

Fostering is a 24/7 commitment and The Fostering Team offers out of hours support every day of the year. The Fostering Team provides an informed response to Foster Carers who may be struggling at whatever time of day or night. Our team also provides an out of hours service for emergency placements.

  1. Expert Matching

We work with you so that we match you with foster children and young people who will fit in with your family and help you decide what type of fostering, and what age of children are right for you and that you are supported to be positive role model, building their confidence and changing and enhancing their lives for the better.

  1. Teamwork

With over 100 years combined experience, The Fostering Team we will help you stay focused on the difference that you are making to a child’s and young person’s life that makes a world of difference which lasts a lifetime.


  1. Excellent allowances and support

We provide competitive pay and a full range of fostering allowances which will enable our Foster Carers to fully meet the needs and expenses of foster children.


  1. A Highly Rewarding Career

We will help you celebrate how amazing and rewarding being a Foster Carer can be with regular fun events, training, and networking opportunities that introduce you to other Foster Carers who are all doing the same job, where you will have the opportunity to talk to and learn from foster families. With the experience gained, generous allowances, specialist training, and the opportunity to advance your social care qualifications, fostering is becoming recognised as a formal profession.

  1. We are a Small and Friendly Fostering Organisation

We stay in regular contact with all of our Foster Carers and make regular visits to your home to make sure everything is going well. You will benefit from having your own Supervising Social Worker who will help guide you throughout your career as a Foster Carer, providing excellent guidance and support in any situation that is second to none.

  1. Expanding your Skillset

Some people may already have a wealth of experience looking after children whereas others may not. Either way, we can help out any experience you may have to good use by trying something new, foster care is a great avenue to explore.


  1. Our Promise

As well as going the extra mile for foster children, we also go the extra mile for Foster Carers. The Fostering Team will support Foster Carers to be able to dig into reserves of resilience when they are going through difficult times. We will provide the motivation and pockets of energy to help you feel restored and revitalised and offer the comfort of knowing that there is a strong and skilful team around you including mentors who will be available to help you through challenging times.

At The Fostering Team, we believe that all children deserve to live in a friendly, safe and stable home; that’s why our dedicated fostering team are committed to ensuring that our Foster Carers are trained to the highest possible standard and given year-round support every step of the way in order to meet the needs of the children and young people placed in their care.

By becoming a part of The Fostering Team family and starting your fostering journey with us, you will be working with children and young people who you will be able to help through their childhood years to develop into happy, healthy people with bright and positive outcomes as young adults.

If you would like to learn more, you can start your journey and find out more about what being a Foster Carer with The Fostering Team involves.

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