The Fostering Team

Once you’ve completed the initial paperwork, our goal is to understand who you are beyond the formalities. We want to know your story and what makes your home a welcoming place for a child in need. This process isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring that you’re comfortable and confident in taking on the responsibility of fostering.

We take the well-being of children seriously, so our assessment process is thorough. Over a few months, you’ll have a social worker dedicated to getting to know you, your family, and your home. They’ll chat with you about different parts of your life, like your past, family, health, and work.

Your dedicated social worker will act as your guide throughout this journey. They’re not just there to ask questions – they’re genuinely interested in learning about your experiences, values, and aspirations. This personal touch helps us match you with a child whose needs align with your capabilities and strengths.

The safety of the environment you offer is paramount, so a thorough home inspection will be conducted. This includes evaluating the physical space, ensuring it meets safety standards, and assessing its suitability for a child. We want to create a space that fosters not only physical well-being but also emotional security.

To further ensure the child’s welfare, we’ll delve into your medical history. This is not to exclude anyone based on health concerns but to understand any potential challenges and how they can be managed. Background checks will be carried out to ensure the safety and security of the child, confirming that everyone in your household is fit for fostering.

Remember, our experienced team is there to guide you every step of the way. We understand that this process can be comprehensive, but it is designed to set both you and the child up for success. If any challenges arise, we’re here to provide support and address any concerns you may have.


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