The Fostering Team

In addition to your generous weekly fees and allowances (allowance calculator), we offer our carers additional benefits for fostering with us, such as:

  • Foster Talk membership: Gain access to a supportive community and valuable resources that enhance your knowledge and network as a foster carer.
  • Access to clinical psychologist: Receive professional guidance and support from a clinical psychologist, ensuring you have the tools to navigate the unique challenges of fostering.
  • On going relevant training: Stay equipped with continuous training, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to provide the best care for the children in your home.
  • Out of hours support: Receive help and advice at any time, even outside regular working hours, so you’re never navigating your fostering journey alone.
  • Additional allowances for festivals and holidays: Receive extra financial support during special occasions.
  • Available and experienced social workers: Get personalised assistance and guidance from social workers with lots of experience, addressing your specific needs and concerns.
  • Local offices for training and events: Conveniently access tools, network with others, and attend community events through local offices.
  • Respite Care Opportunities – Take advantage of respite care options, allowing you to take a break when needed while ensuring the children in your care receive continuous support from qualified professionals.