The Fostering Team

Embracing the essence of creativity and conservation, we proudly announce our sponsorship of a captivating frog at The Great Frogtastic Invention Trail! At the forefront of the trail stands our prized amphibian, Zippy, an enchanting creation whose allure knows no bounds, thanks to the masterful hands of its artist.

Recently, we were granted the privilege of visiting this magnificent exhibition, where an air of anticipation and excitement permeated the atmosphere. Eager to acquaint ourselves with Zippy, we eagerly accepted the invitation to partake in the festivities. Amidst the vibrant array of frogs, Anthony Turner, the Registered Manager of The Fostering Team, had the distinct pleasure of meeting the ingenious artist responsible for breathing life into our whimsical frog.

The magnitude of our involvement with this unique event did not escape the notice of the brilliant minds steering The Great Frogtastic Invention Trail. Intrigued by our commitment, they sought Anthony Turner’s insights during an engaging interview. His eloquent explanation of The Fostering Team’s association with this mesmerizing celebration of art and nature left an indelible impression on all present.

The subsequent gathering at the lightroom provided an opportunity for us to highlight the significance of this event and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the artists, sponsors, and organizers who brought the spectacle to life. Gracious tokens of gratitude, including a bespoke frog-themed gin bottle, served as souvenirs of our memorable experience.

Venturing through the streets of Stockport, we were delighted to discover that finding our beloved Zippy adorning billboards proved to be an effortless task. The outpouring of support from the community and fellow sponsors reinforced the notion that The Great Frogtastic Invention Trail was a resounding success, uniting people under the banner of art and environmental stewardship.

However, it was hard to find our actual frog! So here’s a little help…

Good luck finding it! And thank you to Totally Stockport for being such good hosts of an amazing event! We loved being a part of it!🐸

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