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FF blog 9: Fostering in Manchester – Where, Why and How



Looking for a fresh start or highly rewarding career?


You could change your life and those of children and young people by fostering.


At The Fostering Team we’ll support you in giving back to your community as a successful Foster Carer in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the surrounding areas of The North West and West Yorkshire.


Experts in Relational Trauma

Experts in Relational Trauma, The Fostering Team has many years’ experience in helping vulnerable children and young people who need care and support, by making sure they are provided with a supportive and caring foster home for them to live and grow up in.


Our Foster Carers can be single, married or in a long-term relationship, with or without children and you do not need to own your own home as long as you have a spare room.


At The Fostering Team we are different to most other fostering agencies. The specific nature of our ethos is centred around a highly skilled team of dedicated staff and where our therapeutic community harnesses the resources, skills, experience and support from all parts of our organisation. This helps to ensure that we are providing the best outcomes for children and young people in our care, to enable them to grow, develop and shine and reach their full potential. Our therapeutic fostering provision provides a wide range of the highest quality services to meet the needs of traumatised young people, and sets us apart from other fostering providers, building our first-class reputation as a centre of excellence for fostering services in Manchester and the surrounding areas.


Let’s not forget though, fostering can never be just about providing a bedroom, our Foster Carers must possess certain personal qualities that not everyone has. Some of these include empathy, self-awareness, the confidence to set and keep to boundaries, along with a good sense of humour.


Generosity of spirit

All of our Foster Carers share a generosity of spirit, through the good experience they have looking after foster children to the challenging times often faced, but more than this, the unsurpassable emotional reward of offering a lifeline to vulnerable children and young people who are in desperate need.


One thing fostering is not, is easy. It is a lifestyle choice that will call upon emotional resources you may never have known you had. Fostering is often as much about self-exploration, realisation, acceptance, and the willingness to learn and change, as it is about providing care for the many children and young people who are waiting. For someone who is interested in becoming a Foster Carer, you will find the experience to be enlightening and of immeasurable value, something that changes and enhances your life forever.


All of the children and young people who need foster care come from very different backgrounds, but they all need a safe and stable place to live and call home. At The Fostering Team, we work closely with our Foster Carers, children, their families and Social Workers to help make a real difference to the lives of children and young people.


With The Fostering Team by your side, you will receive expert training, excellent payment rates, 24-hour support and the opportunity to be part of a rewarding career journey where you become part of our lifelong fostering family.


Start your Fostering Journey Today

Our dedicated team cover a wide area to provide localised, individual support and are always only a phone call away whenever you need us. Start your journey today and find out more about what being a Foster Carer with The Fostering Team involves.


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